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These pages index all the comics published in Finnish "The Phantom" (=Mustanaamio) publications. A cover scan is also found for every publication. Additionally information and cover scans can be found for various publications in which The Phantom appeared between years 1949-1965 (before having publication of its own).

The following pages have been a great help:

The Deep Woods (Bryan Shedden)
Fantomen -index (Andreas Eriksson)
Serier - information och länkar (Johan Blixt)
Gustafs Fantomenarkiv (Gustaf Lööv)
Sivupolut (Kari Elkelä)
Comics / Sarjakuvat (Kimmo Lakoma)
Sarjakuvalistauksia (Antti Peltola)
The Spirit Checklist
Grand Comic Book Database

Additionally many thanks to following persons:
Martti Koskikallio for content information & cover scan for Mustanaamio magazine Nr. 2/1968 and content information and cover scans for Sarjakuvalehti and Nastasarjat magazines.
Jan Glantz for content information for Kippari Kalle magazines.
Tapio Ranta-aho for Kippari Kalle, Nastasarjat and Sarjakuvalehti cover scans.
Moog Konttinen for Kippari Kalle and Sarjakuvalehti content information and cover scans (which I got m-a-n-y).
Antti Peltola for information concerning Lucky Luke character index.
Lari Haapamäki for his help hunting down Finnish Phantom trading cards.
Jussi Sihvonen for contacting me concerning Finnish Phantom trading cards.
People of Makedonia for information concerning Ilkka Oy's Fantom publications.
Pekka Uotila for content information & cover scans for Ilkka Oy's Fantom publications.
Marko Ahola for content information & cover scan for Ilkka Oy's Fantom publication from year 1997
Velpe for various things.

Special thanks to Tatu Hyvärinen who sold me the last Mustanaamio magazine missing from my collection !!!!!

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Mustanaamio magazine issues 3/2010 - 25-26/2010 added.

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